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  • Telemedicine and Smartphones Offer New Possibilities in Health Care

    Telemedicine and Smartphones Offer New Possibilities in Health Care

    The health care field in constantly trying to come up with ways to become more efficient, accessible, and cost-effective. One of the ways they’ve had success in this is through remote telehealth solutions. Telemedicine has become increasingly popular and prevalent in recent years, and innovations like the one recently examined by a professional engineer show […]

  • Can Oral Health Affect Cognitive Health? New Study Suggesting Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

    Virtually all (99.7%) of adults surveyed by AACD believe a healthy smile is socially important — but now there’s evidence that oral health can have an impact on brain function. According to new research out of King’s College London and the University of Southampton, gum disease may be associated with faster cognitive decline among people […]

  • Hiking Teenager Killed After Being Pulled Into Creek

    Hiking Teenager Killed After Being Pulled Into Creek

    An 18-year-old boy from the state of Washington died Monday after attempting to cross Big Beef Creek. Lucas Earl Weaver was enjoying a hike with three friends when they came upon the creek. While attempting to get to the other side, Weaver slipped on partially submerged rocks. His friends grabbed onto his backpack in an […]

  • Testosterone Makes You Worse at Poker

    According to a new study conducted by the Department of Psychology of Utrecht in the Netherlands, testosterone may make people more “risk averse” — and can seriously affect the prowess of someone’s poker game. But it may not be in the way you originally expected. The study aimed to determine the effects of testosterone and […]

  • Girlfriend Attacks Lottery Winning Boyfriend Over Snapchat

    Winning the lottery brings with it a plethora of various opportunities and financial advantages. Depending on your situation before, you may be able to afford things you never could have dreamed of owning before. About half (48%) of winners elect to keep working at their old job, but Matt Myles was not one of them. […]

  • Care for a Vape, Mate? UK Ahead of U.S. in E-Cig Usage

    Care for a Vape, Mate? UK Ahead of U.S. in E-Cig Usage

    Bloody hell, are we lagging behind. Former smokers in the UK are praising the new advancements in electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, that have improved their health and given them a brand new hobby. According to ChronicleLive, a recent report published by Public Health England concluded that e-cigs are significantly less dangerous than normal cigarettes and […]

  • Stolen Box Truck Smashes Into Concrete Wall During Police Pursuit

    Stolen Box Truck Smashes Into Concrete Wall During Police Pursuit

    A Los Angeles County man is in custody after crashing a stolen box truck into a concrete barrier during a police pursuit on Monday, August 10th. A local CBS News affiliate reports that the chase, which lasted 45 minutes, began near Santa Clarita at around 9:30 am. The driver attempted to flee after Los Angeles […]

  • Video: Local Politicians, Police Experiment With Drugs

    All over the country, local and state politicians are working with their police departments to find more effective ways to bust drugged drivers under the influence of marijuana. One counter-intuitive bill in Illinois would crack down on drugged driving by both decriminalizing marijuana and raising the threshold police use to bust stoned drivers. Police who […]

  • Could Condoms Soon Change Colors to Indicate STD Exposure?

    Throughout the years, numerous studies have shown that humans are profoundly impacted by colors and visual stimuli. In fact, color — whether it’s present in architecture, interior design or everyday household items, is responsible for 60% of our emotional responses to places and objects. But what if colors could instantly tell you whether or not […]

  • Did You Know Back Pain Strikes Men This Early?

    Men begin to battle serious back pain as early as their 30s, a new study has revealed, with 37 being the average age at which men start to combat chronic back and neck problems. The survey, conducted by the British Chiropractic Association, found that more than four out of five British men (82%) live with […]