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  • Road Melting Heatwave Grips India

    A devastating heat wave is gripping India. So far it has killed at least 800 people, and is even melting roads. It’s so hard hitting that the only relief in sight is an expected monsoon. Through the end of May, the India Meteorological Department has issued heat warnings, notifying citizens in several of its worst-hit […]

  • Milos Raonic Withdraws From French Open After Foot Surgery

    Canadian professional tennis player Milos Raonic has had to withdraw from the French Open today, after having undergone foot surgery less than two weeks before the tennis tournament’s opening rounds. The Toronto Star reports that Raonic pinched a nerve in his right foot while competing in the Monte Carlo Masters on April 17th. He was forced to […]

  • DIY Dangers — What Homeowners Might Want to Consider

    When making renovations and improvements to their homes, most homeowners consider two, main things: the cost of the project, and the time it will take to complete. What they might also want to consider, though, is how safe the project is. Although some projects increase property values more than others, the majority of home improvement […]

  • Paris Supermarket Built Over Medieval Mass Graves

    A supermarket in Paris, France made a historical (and rather macabre) discovery as it was renovating its basement for more storage space in January. The Smithsonian reports that the Monoprix supermarket, on the corner of the Rue Réaumur and the Boulevard de Sébastopol, uncovered hundreds of human remains when construction crews were digging under its basement floor. […]

  • New Study Finds Uterine Fibroids Bigger Issue Than Believed

    According to a new study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, uterine fibroids affect up to 80% of women over the age of 50, but many delay seeking out treatment to relieve their symptoms because they’re afraid of the unknown. Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that originate in the uterus. Though many times […]

  • Researchers Saying Growing Air Conditioner Adoption Could Cause an 83% Increase in Energy Usage

    As summer approaches, many people around the world will likely be making repairs to their air conditioners in anticipation of warmer weather, just as they will make furnace and home generator repairs in the fall. Some may even buy new air conditioning systems entirely. But while these changes will be a welcome relief in the […]

  • How Solar Power is Shining Light on the Navajo Nation

    Imagine life without your precious smartphone. No text messaging, no Instagram, no Candy Crush. Scary, isn’t it? Now imagine living without electricity or refrigeration. While it may seem difficult to imagine, it’s a harsh reality for many people in the modern world, even in the United States. For many Native Americans living on tribal reservations, […]

  • After Complaints of Splotchy, Streaked Teeth, U.S. Lowers Fluoride Levels in Public Water

    The U.S. government recently announced it would lower its recommended level of fluoride for public drinking water after learning that some kids are getting too much, causing white splotches to appear on their teeth. According to ABC News, this is the first change to the recommended fluoride level in more than 50 years, since the […]

  • A Person’s Urine May Reveal Increased Risk of Obesity

    Since childhood obesity rates have more than doubled amongst children, and quadrupled amongst adolescents, in the past 30 years, doctors are looking for new ways to detect a person’s obesity risk. Overweight adolescents have a 70% chance of becoming overweight or obese adults, who have an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes […]

  • Star Wars Celebration 2015 Brings Beloved Franchise to Anaheim

    This year’s annual Star Wars Celebration brought some of the world’s biggest Star Wars enthusiasts to the Anaheim Convention Center last weekend. Thousands of fans lined up the night before the event began, sleeping on the sidewalk just for a shot at seeing Star Wars reboot director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. Apart […]