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  • Stress Yawning Causes Stay Elusive for Researchers

    We all know that we yawn when we’re tired. We do it when we wake up and we do when we’re ready for bed — due to the way our bodies shift from one physiological state to another. However, other causes of yawning have been elusive to researchers. It’s incredibly common not only for humans, […]

  • How Fixing Your Car Can Cost More Depending on Where You Live

    Need to get your car fixed? Evidently, Wyoming is the place to go for a car repair. A recent study from CarMD gives a state-by-state analysis of the average cost of a car repair across the country, revealing that Wyoming residents pay the least for their repairs, with an average repair cost of $309. Montana, […]

  • This Boy’s Lost Stuffed Tiger Took a Journey You Won’t Believe

    For traveling long distances, flying is undoubtedly the way to go — on any given day, more than three million people safely fly by aircraft, reaching their destinations in a fraction of the time that driving or train travel would take. Unfortunately, Hobbes the stuffed tiger never even got a chance to fly. His owner, […]

  • Man Ignores Girlfriend, Wins $1 Million

    A Michigan man’s girlfriend told him not to buy scratch-off lottery tickets when stopping at a gas station. Ignoring her decree, he bought one anyways, and wound up winning a cool $1 million. “I stopped to get gas and the pump didn’t print out a receipt so I grabbed a couple of $5 winning tickets […]

  • Fibroid Tumor the Size of a Baby Removed in the United Arab Emirates

    A nearly seven-pound fibroid — the approximate size of a newborn baby — became the largest fibroid ever laparoscopically removed in the United Arab Emirates after surgeon Dr. Nikita Trehan excised the mass recently. Fibroids are tumors that develop in the wall of the uterus, and are almost always benign. Some women may develop no […]

  • 98 Year Old Veterinarian Cozies With American Pharoah

    A nonagenarian veterinarian named William McGee got a warm welcome from American Pharoah, the American Thoroughbred that recently won the American Triple Crown. The Associated Press reports that the horse has been resting since his June 6th victory at the Belmont Stakes — which made him the first horse to win the Triple Crown since […]

  • Is Embalming Fluid In Your Groundwater?

    In Northern Ireland this week, residents are dealing with a tragic, dangerous consequence of overcrowded cemeteries. Recent floods combined with cheap coffins have led to carcinogenic chemicals from embalming fluid — like formaldehyde and ammonia — leaking into groundwater stores. An Irish gravedigger identified only as Dermot tried to explain the scope of the problem: […]

  • What Happens When Baseball-Sized Hail Drops On Your Home?

    Many months ago, residents of Blair, Nebraska were sent sprinting for cover when a sudden hail storm dropped baseball-sized hail on their heads. Now, many of them are still working to repair their damaged windows, siding, cars, and roofs. That wouldn’t be remarkable except for one small fact — the hail storm occurred on June 3, 2014. A […]

  • Sterling Heights to Consider New Landscaping Amendment

    The City Council of Sterling Heights, Michigan is considering an amendment that would require certain landscaping ordinances for its residents this summer. CandG Newspapers reports that on May 14th, the Sterling Heights Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend to the City Council certain regulations regarding single-family residential homes. The amendment stipulates that these homes will […]

  • Quebec Health Minister Backtracks on Bill’s Controversial IVF Age Limit

    Only a day after announcing a significant compromise regarding his controversial health care reform bill, it seems Quebec’s Health Minister is already backtracking. Gaétan Barrette is distancing himself from a major component of the new health care reform bill: a cutoff age of 42 for women seeking in vitro fertilization (IVF). After much debate and […]