Girlfriend Attacks Lottery Winning Boyfriend Over Snapchat


Winning the lottery brings with it a plethora of various opportunities and financial advantages. Depending on your situation before, you may be able to afford things you never could have dreamed of owning before. About half (48%) of winners elect to keep working at their old job, but Matt Myles was not one of them.

When Myles won the one million pound EuroMillions lottery last April, he planned an international trip which allegedly included a lot more than fancy restaurants and eventually ended up in court when he returned to England. Myles claims to have slept with 87 different women while traveling the world. His on-and-off-again girlfriend was less than pleased to hear it, according to Mirror.

It all started when he decided to rekindle his relationships with Carla Chamberlain, although the two previously split shortly after Myles won the lottery. They were having a night on the town when Chamberlain noticed Myles had received a Snapchat from another woman. This sent her into a fit of rage.

“She proceeded to call me various expletives and said she would get her own back,” Myles told the court. She proceeded to hit him in the face and scratch the back of his neck.

Myles returned to a bar for awhile before returning to his apartment to kick Chamberlain out, and end things between them once and for all. Which he did. There was an argument, during which Chamberlain alleges Myles pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground.

While on the ground, Myles stood over her and Chamberlain either grabbed him by the testicles, or came into accidental contact with them, depending on who tells the story. The one thing that is clear is that, during the argument and ensuing scuffle, Myles let Chamberlain know just how many other women he had been with during their time apart.

Chamberlain was found guilty of two counts of common assault by beating and one count of criminal damage. After fines and fees she is required to pay 1,150 pounds and the subject of a 12-month restraining order.

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