Woman Sues U.S. House of Representatives to the Tune of $200K — Over a Dog Bite

East Front of United States Capitol
Government officials aren’t always popular, but one West Virginia woman certainly has a bone to pick with the U.S. House of Representatives. She has recently filed a lawsuit and is suing the House for $200,000. Her reason? She was bitten on her index finger by a dog in one of their offices. Two years ago.

According to the Washington Post, in January 2013, Elizabeth Crawford was visiting the office of Representative Tom McClintock (R-Calif.). She dropped her pen while waiting for her appointment, and when she picked it up she was bitten on the finger by a dog.

The dog, called “Who Dey,” belongs to one of the office’s staffers, Chris Tudor. Crawford’s lawsuit accuses Tudor of negligence and claims that the presence of Who Dey in the office created an “unsafe and hazardous condition.”

As a result of the injury, Crawford claims to have suffered from a puncture wound, loss of blood, and damaged nerves and tendons. About 50% of Americans will suffer from a bite wound at least one point in their lives. Additionally, Examiner reports that the dog was not updated on its rabies shots.

Crawford’s attorney, Benjamin Pelton, claims that the medical bills that resulted from the bite wound amount to $26,000, including a surgery that Crawford underwent to straighten a tendon, and rabies shots. The remaining $174,000 is for her pain and suffering.

Apparently the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month, comes after Crawford’s rejection of a settlement offer from the House. She sent the House counsel a claim for the damages in July 2014 — but according to Pelton, the settlement that the House offered was “ridiculously low” and in the four figures.

Back in 2013, Crawford did stay in McClintock’s office to attend the meeting after the bite. She claims to have “bled profusely” but has not said anything else of the incident publicly.

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