Wearable Device Tricks Back Pain Sufferers into Exercising

Athlete running road silhouette
Devices are everywhere these days, and they are becoming more and more wearable (think Google Glass or smartwatches). Though they could raise the concern of digital over-saturation in our daily lives, wearable tech devices are also emerging as a helpful way for people to exercise their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Take Valedo, which is comprised of two wireless, wearable sensors that adhere to a user’s back and chest. The sensors are connected to a game that the user plays on an iPhone or iPad. The user’s body controls a character in a fun game, which stimulates and exercises muscles related to chronic lower back pain.

The devices does cost a pretty penny — $359 — but it is backed by the Food and Drug Administration. Devices like these could help the 26 million Americans ages 20-64 who suffer from frequent back pain each year.

According to recode.net, the company that makes Valedo, Hocoma, is a nearly 20 year old company that specialized in creating robotic training devices for patients who have motor disorders or had a stroke to use during their rehabilitation.

A spokesperson for Hocoma says that a person suffering from chronic lower back pain should see improvement after using the devices for 15-20 minutes four or five times a week over a two-week period.

The Tech Times also reports that there is an increase in the number and use of apps and wearable devices that help people lose weight and live a more active lifestyle.

Some apps focus on dieting and counting calories while others focus on exercise, tracking things like pace, duration, and distance. Wearable fitness tracking devices, like the FitBit, are also becoming more popular.

Although there are more and more devices and technologically-based apps to help people live healthier lives, Valedo is one of the only ones to trick their users into exercising — and quashing their own back pain.

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