United Nations Implements Global Sustainable Goals, Pope Disagrees

pope francisUnfortunately, only eight percent of Americans actually accomplish their New Year’s resolutions, but that’s not to say the United Nation’s didn’t come through on their own promises, which has Pope Francis quite pleased.

In September 2015, the United Nations put forth a set of Sustainable Goals agreed upon by all nation states. This plan outlined 17 goals and 169 targets with the goal of determining the focus of international aid and intervention through the year 2030.

These goals were endorsed by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Pope Francis released a statement, saying that he was “gratified that in September 2015 the nations of the world adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, and that, in December 2015, they approved the Paris Agreement on climate change,” according to Life Site.

However, one of the goals requires each member state ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health, which the Pope disagrees with. Generally speaking, this would include access to contraception and forms of abortion, two principles highly outlawed in the Catholic faith.

Women’s health is not just a concern for the United Nations. The World Health Organization also considers abortion to be a crucial factor in sexual and reproductive health. The WHO regularly develops tools and sets guidelines for member states of the U.N. to follow, and supports countries in reforming their health systems to a more modernized form of care.

Overall, the continued implementation of this specific goal would provide necessary services to women in communities that have previously restricted abortions. This is exactly what the Pope is afraid of, as he believes this action will result in extreme devastation and unimaginable suffering to families throughout the world.

All in all, the United Nations have chosen to stick with their plan, with or without the approval of the Pope.

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