Shots Fired: VoIP-Pal Seeking $7 Billion from Apple and Others Over Patent

The first gun has been drawIT Expertn.

VoIP-Pal announced on May 10 that is has filed a formal lawsuit against technology giant Apple. In the lawsuit, the company clai
ms Apple stole its concept in services like Wi-Fi calling and iMessage and is asking for $2.8 billion in damages.

The two companies have actually been feuding since Feb. 9 to try and reach an agreement, but VoIP-Pal recently filed the lawsuit after seeing no clear resolution in the future.

According to Apple Insider, the company is being accused of using patents related to VoIP-Pal‘s “caller attribute classification and routing product design.” This concept involves an automatic switching system that will “direct messages through Apple networks if both people are on Apple devices, or SMS if one person is not.”

Apple isn’t the only organization VoIP-Pal is after. It is seeking a total of $7 billion from ATandT and Verizon as well if negotiations cannot be reached outside of court. By 2018, mobile VoIP is expected to be used by about 1 billion users globally, so the market for such services remains competitive.

“Apple employs VPLM’s innovative technology and products, features, and designs, and has widely distributed infringing products that have undermined VPLM’s marketing efforts. Instead of pursuing independent product development, Apple employed VPLM’s innovative caller attribute classification and routing product design, in violation of VPLM’s valuable intellectual property rights,” the lawsuit cited.

CEO of Voip-Pal Emil Malak explained that the company’s intent is to reach a decision that works for both parties.

Based in Bellevue, WA, Voip-Pal com Inc is a publicly traded company. It wants to monetize its extensive portfolio of patents related to VoIP technologies. It announced that it will be holding a conference call in order to take questions from current and future shareholders who have questions about the current controversy and the state of the company.

“Serving the parties in these lawsuits does not end our discussions with the Defendants. We are confident the current good will on both sides will result in a favorable outcome for all parties involved,” Malak said.

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