Samsung Swoops in at the Last Minute to Hit Big Numbers in Q1

The results are in, and Samsung is still going strong.
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On March 11 of this year, Samsung released its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, just three weeks shy of the end of the fiscal period. In Q1, the two smartphones made up 5.8% of smartphone sales. This is a shocking number considering they were on the market for a short amount of time before sale measurements were no longer counted for that period.

According to Kantar, “Among Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge buyers who purchased the devices in March, the leading purchase driver was battery life, with 53.5% citing it as the main driver of handset choice. The battery on the S7 is larger than on previous iterations (though according to some, battery life is not significantly improved), and ships with fast and wireless charging (50% of the battery life in 30 minutes). This is the first Samsung device to do so, though this feature was available as an accessory for earlier models.”

Considering that most smartphones last an average of 2 years, it’s looking like Samsung’s newest smartphones may have the potential to last longer.

Trying to get a leg up on the competition, Samsung announced plans to release the Galaxy Note 6 one month ahead of the iPhone 7. Just as they did last year, this is Samsung’s attempt to get as much media attention as possible before the inevitable hype for the iPhone 7 begins in September.

August 15 is the set date for the release of the smartphone in the United States. This is six days sooner than the previous year in which the company launched the Galaxy Note 5.

Last year, the Galaxy Note 5 was not made available in the European market. It is not yet known if the same will be for this year’s release of the Galaxy Note 6.

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