Poor Weather Is Just the Latest Hassle for the Grounded Hoegh Osaka Cargo Ship

Industrial Container Cargo Ship
A 51,000-ton cargo ship by the name of Hoegh Osaka hasn’t had a very good week after it was run aground upon leaving the U.K.’s Southhampton port — and updates on the ship’s state aren’t painting a very bright picture for its near future.

The ship is owned by a transporter company company based in Singapore. It began having problems after it left a German port with cars and construction equipment on board. The carrier ship successfully sailed to the U.K. and departed from the port, on time, during the evening of Saturday, January 3rd.

The carrier ship didn’t make it far when it began listing on the waves, and the crew decided to beach the ship deliberately off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

After the 25-person crew was successfully rescued from the Hoegh Osaka, the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) worked with professional salvage company Svitzer on a plan to bring the ship back into port.

According to official reports, only two crew members required immediate medical treatment and currently appear to be recovering well.

It seems unclear what exactly caused the ship to start listing, but after the cargo began shifting, the Hoegh Osaka began taking on water and eventually began listing at a dangerous 52-degree angle. Although the ship refloated itself by Thursday, January 8th, one of the tugboats intended to anchor the ship ended up colliding with the huge carrier and had to be replaced.

The ship is currently anchored down in a water passage called The Solent, just a few miles from where it was initially run aground, but rescue teams have been unable to pump water out of the ship due to poor weather conditions. Svitzer has stated that it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for crews to transport the ship back to port safely.

The MCA states that there have been no oil leaks on the ship; there seems to be little risk of any environmental damages at this point, even with about 1,400 cars on board. The Guardian states that this cargo included 1,200 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, 65 Mini cars, and 105 pieces of heavy-duty construction equipment.

Hopefully, the carrier and its cargo will be recovered safely — and hopefully the car shipping company responsible for the 1,400 vehicles on board has a solid insurance policy for its clients.

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