Police Search for Stolen X-Ray Machine from Deadly House Fire

fireA tragic fire in Hamilton, Canada has taken the life of one mother and her two children.

The mother Victoria, son Robert, and daughter Abigail all perished in the fire after flames overtook the attic where they were sleeping. As of press time, fire marshals had not been able to determine the cause of the fire, but investigators were leaning towards a pot of leftover grease on the stove as the culprit.

Eleven family members were home when the flames broke out. Seven were taken to the hospital, and one remains in a coma.

The family has lost everything and their home is currently uninhabitable. In an effort to pay for medical bills and funeral expenses for the mother and children, concerned neighbors have set up a GoFundMe account.

Police are also searching for an x-ray machine that was stolen from the scene of the fire. While doing an inventory of the charred rubble, fire marshal investigators realized the piece of equipment was stolen from the back of their truck.

In a press release, Hamilton police warned city residents of the dangers this machine can bring. They said to CBC Hamilton, “A black pelican brand plastic case containing a portable X-Ray machine is missing and presumed stolen. While this piece of investigative equipment poses no risk when handled, if the equipment were to be powered up, the radiation emitted can be harmful to humans.”

3D x-rays are used to see inside opaque objects and in this case, to sift through rubble to find any pieces of the home that can be salvaged. They are also used with aluminum castings, and with these x-rays, the inside of a casting can be seen to find a crack, void, hole, or porosity. Additionally, one will be able to get a measurement of the porosity as it is easily determined along with percent porosity in the part.

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