New Technology Changing the Vehicle Buying Process

Luxury vehicle company, Infiniti, developed the industry-first mobile app to improve the car buying process.

According to WardsAuto, the new app, ICAR-X, is compatible on mobile devices, computers and tablets, and is designed to improve and increase the speed regarding the entire vehicle purchasing process.

“It mitigates pain points along the way and lets shoppers proceed at their own pace,” said Jon Finkel, global director of Infinity Client Experience. “It puts power in their hands.”

Approximately 48% of car buyers spend one to three months shopping before making an actual purchase. Infiniti — and other auto companies soon after — hopes this new app will speed up the selection process, make the actual purchase less complicated, improve financing and delivery methods and enhance the overall customer experience.

KVOA reports that a new online survey by Harris Poll shows that 87% of Americans are unhappy when it comes to the vehicle buying process. During the 1990s, out of all the luxury vehicle brands, Infiniti ranked the worst in regards to customer experience.

“You can’t operate that way,” Finkel said.

Over the last decade, Infiniti has improved their overall ranking when it comes to customer satisfaction and the company believes this new technology will raise them even higher.

“Infiniti developed ICAR-X,” Finkel continued, “to eliminate many of the redundancies and inefficiencies inherent in today’s vehicle purchase process that typically frustrates clients.”

Every situation is different and it depends on each individual person when buying a car. Some people might want to get the process over with as quickly as possible while some people may want to go over everything a few times to make sure there is no confusion.

“We say, ‘Mr. Customer, you tell us,’” said Finkel. “The salesperson goes through what the customer wants. So later, when a customer survey asks, ‘Did the salesperson spend enough time with you at the vehicle delivery?’ the answer must be, ‘Yes.’”

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