New Load Cell Technology Becomes Available

Tubature, riscaldamento, compressori, bim, progettoA new load cell tester could lead to better results and safety for those working in industrial professions. The SST1 tester provides results which can aid in making sure that a cell does not become overloaded, shock loaded or has water damage/metal fatigue.

The tester also gives a real time reading, which gives percentages of full scale. This allows the operator to make sure the load cell is safe and properly loaded without removing it from the installation.

The SST1 boasts a highly accurate reading every single time and can measure resistance within +0.5%. The tester is incredibly durable, and comes in a compact and portable enclosure.

No matter what the intended use for the SST1, it can help with a number of tasks. It is proven to aid in bridge testing, resistance testing, full scale output, and zero balance testing. In addition to this, it is easy to use and can support 4-6 wire load cells.

Load cells are usually used in weighing systems, because they are non-intrusive and they are incredibly accurate — with accuracies of 0.03% to 1%.

In addition to this great new technology, China’s Forsentek Co. has announced that they will offer service to clients worldwide, year round, with no interruptions.

The company says they understand that companies rely on load cells for a wide range of applications and need them in order to ensure that they are accurate during operation. Failure to have working load cells could hurt the productivity of the company, leading to a loss.

Forsentek says they hope that their expert and reliable service will allow the continued and accurate operation of companies around the world. Their spokesperson says that they will now be able to ship load cells worldwide with no interruptions, no matter what time of year it may be.

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