Mobile Devices and Responsive Web Design Will Reimagine Content Marketing

woman uses a smartphone
While many feel that the brands-as-publishers trend in content marketing has seen better days, in reality, it’s just beginning to reach its full potential.

It was only five years ago that Red Bull was simply an energy drink, and not a lucrative global media company. Fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle was busy making burritos, and not creating award-winning video shorts watched by thousands. Also, social media was still in its earliest stages. Brand content consisted mostly of printed collateral that gathered dust on shelves or was used as drink coasters.

Fast forward to today, and content marketing consists of a myriad of social tools and media outlets. As part of the ever-evolving world of internet marketing, brands have continued to create content optimized for mobile viewing.

The mobile generation is more tech-savvy and consumer conscious than generations past, with the majority of them relying on their smartphones and tablets and their primary internet source. Now that more and more consumers are self-educating by researching companies and products or services online, companies must target them on the web through the delivery of useful, rich content.

However, even the most engaging, relevant, and targeted content does not guarantee consumer engagement. It will fall on deaf “eyes” if not optimized for the web. Today’s most effective content marketing strategies deliver a personal user experience on the user’s terms, and that increasingly means on the user’s mobile device.

According to eMarketer, in 2014 adults in the United States spent 23% more time interacting with their mobile devices than they did in 2013. Also, 79% of consumers have their smartphones on their person an astonishing 22 hours per day, leaving brands ample opportunity to deliver engaging content via mobile.

Brands in 2013 were 36% more confident about their ROI in regards to content marketing than they were in 2012, according to the Content Marketing Institute, and it’s easy to why. Thanks to mobile, brands have the opportunity to directly interact with and appeal to their target audiences in ways that are meaningful and not disruptive.

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