Millennials in the United Kingdom Furious As Baby Boomers Vote to Leave European Union

Flag_of_Europe.svgAlthough 42% of seniors choose aging in place at home as one of their top three priorities as they get older, some older citizens in the U.K. are making even more radical choices about the future. Namely, U.K. millennials are now accusing the country’s baby boomers of having no regard for younger generations following the recent nationwide “Brexit” vote.

Brexit, the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union, passed thanks largely to the “Leave” campaign in an unprecedented vote on June 23. Winning by a margin of only 4%, the referendum has caused a generational divide throughout the country.

The majority of those who voted to leave were older baby boomers, compared to the younger millennials who wanted to stay. According to a poll conducted by YouGov, this huge difference was marked by 59% of those older than 65 choosing to leave, while a whopping 72% of 18 to 24-year-olds were choosing to remain.

The millennials believe that the older generation ruined their future. As the United Kingdom would not formally leave the European Union for at least two more years, many in the younger generation will be affected by the expected economic changes rather than their older counterparts.

And the millennials are not being quiet about it. The Washington Post reported that in protest, signs exclaiming “YOU STOLE OUR FUTURE FROM US!,” and “This is not a democracy and we are not pawns in your game” could be seen all over London in the days after the vote.

Warfare broke out on Twitter, with tweets from upset remain voters cluttered newsfeeds describing the baby boomers as geezers who are destroying their country.

To add fuel to the fire, by the time the United Kingdom actually leaves, experts believe there will be more people choosing to remain than leave countrywide as young voters will be of age to vote.

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