Man Robbed During Home Invasion, Turns Gun on Visiting Film Crew

Video camera viewfinder
Several days ago, an 88-year-old man was robbed during a Detroit home invasion. A woman knocked on the man’s door asking for directions — two men then pushed their way in, threatened the man with a gun, tied him up, and pulled a blanket over his face. The thieves made off with $600 in cash, a wallet, and a cell phone. Police have not yet identified the suspects.

The story didn’t end there, though. 7 Action News went to the man’s house to do a follow-up story on the accident. This is standard procedure, as it gives victims a change to tell their version of the story. The news investigator, Jonathan Carlson, identified himself several times to the homeowner. The man finally came to the door, holding a gun.

Upon seeing the gun, the film crew quickly retreated, but not before the man came out onto his porch and fired at Carlson. The crew ran behind the news van and called 911. The police came within several minutes, and the man was convinced to surrender his gun. He has been taken to a crisis center for evaluation. No one on the film crew was injured during the event.

The shooting even was not captured on camera, as the crew was already leaving as a result of seeing the gun. Police were unable to find the man’s gun, and believe he likely hid it prior to their arrival.

The police are still searching for the suspects in the home invasion, but are hindered by vague descriptions given of the suspects. According to national statistics, a home invasion occurs every 13 seconds.

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