Man Attacked by Friend’s Neighbor Uses Frying Pan, Hammer for Self Defense

panA Sioux Falls man was attacked over the weekend by a friend’s neighbor and chose to defend himself with whatever he could find. In this case, his weapons of choice were a frying pan and a hammer.

The friend’s neighbor apparently had two of his tires slashed and went into the house to confront his neighbor.

The angry neighbor, apparently distraught about his tires, reportedly kicked his neighbor’s door down to find another man there, whom he attacked.

Upon being attacked, the friend looked to the kitchen for weapons to use in self-defense.

The first things he found were a frying pan and a hammer.

Frying pans, though perhaps an unconventional weapon, have become quite popular in pop culture during recent years.

For example, Kill Bill Vol. 1 features a frying pan in one of its iconic fight scenes, pitting Uma Thurman against Vivica A. Fox.

Another well-loved frying pan fighter is Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled. Sheltered from the outside world, she takes only a cast-iron skillet and her friend Pascal for defense.

However, Uma Thurman and the Sioux Falls man were likely equipped with non-stick Teflon pans, which the fantastic world of Rapunzel likely didn’t have.

Industry experts estimate that Teflon production will exceed 240,000 tons by 2017, and with the amount of frying pans used as movie props, they may be right.

The appearance of frying pans in pop culture has only made the Sioux Falls man’s case more appealing to the masses.

The man hit his attacker in the side with the frying pan, and in the legs with the hammer. The attacker was sent to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries and with charges of burglary and simple assault.

The Sioux Falls man who was attacked will not be charged, as he was acting in self-defense.

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