Glitter Roots are the New Hair Trend of 2015

Young woman in hairdresser saloon having a treatment and haircutFrom pastels to pigtails, 2015 has seen a smattering of whimsical hair trends that evoke nostalgia for icons of childhood past, like Lisa Frank and Rainbow Brite.

But for 2015, beauty magazines and Instagram stars alike are dubbing a new glittery do as the hair trend of 2015.

Like pastel buns and rainbow rain boots, the glitter trend nods to an other-worldly, yet childlike approach to fashion that isn’t just sparkly, but also offers an affordable alternative to getting your roots touched up regularly.

The trend is accessible, too, requiring only a jar of craft store glitter mixed with clear hair gel for super-stiff holding power. To apply, part your hair down the middle, separating your hair into two pronounced sections (many opt for buns!).

Next, take a toothbrush and paint on the glitter and gel concoction, stopping no more than an inch away from your hair part. To make your roots shine even brighter, embellish the glitter with — you guessed it, even more glitter.

Vogue and Glamour are among the beauty authorities lauding the new hair trend. Along with them, Pretty Little Liars superstar Luy Hale has been seen rocking the sparkly do all over social media.

So what will the fashion gods come up with next? It seems that as each year passes, trendsters are more and more opt to push the envelope. This comes as no surprise, considering the rate at which women change their hairstyles. In fact, a recent study of 3,000 women showed that 44% of people change their hair color or hairdo due to boredom, and 61% of women just feel that they “wanted a change.”

Either way, the fashion world is loving the sparkle and shine of this trend, and considering the holidays are just around the corner, it’s a timely trend indeed.

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