Garages Aren’t For Cars Anymore

architecture-1867187_960_720Garages in America have seen a major shift in their functionality in recent years. What was once used to store our cars has now become something else entirely. People are starting to pay attention to their garages, not as dirty, gasoline-stained rooms, but as extra space in the house that they can, and do, utilize.

Though the trend of bands and businesses starting out in garages is nothing new — with the likes of Disney, Google, Amazon, and Harley-Davidson all coming from humble beginnings in an old garage — nowadays, people are looking at the functionality of a garage a whole different way. More and more people are starting to use them for workshops, kids playrooms, laundry rooms, or just simply as storage.

This has resulted in garage spaces getting themselves a major upgrade. People are switching out any windows in their garage for new and updated models, investing in stylish glass garage doors rather than wood or paneling, and moving away from traditional stone or concrete flooring. Instead, people are coating them with epoxy, a hard and durable substance than can make a floor last between five and 10 years.

And with so many types of epoxy, from simple concrete to waterborne epoxy paint, it’s no secret that garages are fast becoming home projects for a lot of people. This can result in a major return on investment when it comes time to sell the house. If a person is looking for a garage to park their car, however, a total renovation with carpets and shelving and all manner of upgrades may not be what they are looking for.

However, many people nowadays aren’t looking to park their cars in garages. So it’s safe to say that the return on investment from any and all garage modifications should be quite positive. This trend shows no signs of stopping and it is proving to be a rather inventive and useful rethinking of a space known previously to only store the family car.

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