FordPass Helps Ford Foray Into a Modernized Future

Perfect car selectionIn hopes of remaining ahead of the curve and overcoming the recent shift in the auto industry, Ford Motors has begun the gradual process of transforming the company from a traditional automobile maker and distributor into a more versatile, modernized venture. This past Monday, Ford took one step further by announcing the release of FordPass, an app-driven personal concierge program that will be available to Ford customers and the public at large.

>Using the program, FordPass members will be able to perform a number of useful tasks, such as reserve parking spots, speak with guides, find out more about Ford’s products and services, and schedule Ford maintenance. This guarantees that Ford automobile drivers will get their parts from the original equipment manufacturer, meaning more revenue for Ford and easier choosing and backed warranty for customers.

The system uses other programs, such as Parkopedia and Parkwhiz, to directly book parking spaces. Additionally, Ford members can use the program to find guides, and to drop in on “FordHubs.” In these hubs, no cars will be sold. Instead, Ford is keeping up with the times by investing in alternative modes of transportation, giving commuters access to e-bikes and shuttles buses instead.

“I see it as a partnership with the dealers,” said Elena Ford, the VP of Global Dealer and Consumer Experience for the company. “The dealers are the face of Ford to the customer. We’re connecting virtually. Customers already research their vehicles online.”

Ford’s search for a new kind of purpose in the market has only gained speed over the past year. Its most recent campaigns adamantly emphasize the greener side of transportation, such as ride sharing and the electrification of automobiles. But as Elena Ford conducted research last year, she was struck by the booming parking industry — a $7 million industry.

FordPass will officially launch in April, with the first FordHub opening in New York City at the Westfield World Trade Center mall.

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