Florida’s Le Palais Royal Estate on the Market for $159 Million After Lavish Renovations

Superb backyardThose planning on moving to Florida will likely have to break open their piggy banks if they want a shot at owning one of the priciest real estate listings in America.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Le Palais Royal, a sprawling 60,500-square-foot estate in Hillsboro Beach, FL, is back on the market for $159 million after it was delisted for a year while its current owner made some jaw-dropping renovations.

Although the mansion was modeled after the Palace of Versailles in France, its infinite and exorbitant amenities are truly one-of-a-kind. After its most recent renovations, Le Palais Royal is now offering an additional 1.5 acre lot and two guesthouses, in addition to a subterranean entertainment complex that is still under construction.

It originally went on the market for $139 million in September 2014 before it was delisted for about a year while most of the renovations were completed. Since the adjacent lot and entertainment complex were added, the estate now totals about 4.5 acres.

Considering the new amenities that will soon be included, the mansion’s next owners shouldn’t have any trouble finding something fun to do each day. The underwater entertainment complex features a full ice-skating rink, a go-kart track, a nightclub, and a bowling alley. Joseph Leone, the project manager who has overseen the home’s construction, says that this “second phase” of renovations will be completed within two years.

Over 1,000 new people move to Florida every single day, but only an elite few can afford such a sumptuous abode. Surprisingly, Le Palais Royal isn’t even the most expensive home in the state.

According to Forbes, the title of priciest Florida mansion belongs to the Ziff family compound in Manalapan, FL, which carries a $195 million asking price. Following closely behind Le Palais Royale are Briar Patch and Rancho San Carlo, listed at $140 million and $125 million, respectively.

Le Palais Royal is currently owned by Robert Pereira, the founder of a Massachusetts-based construction company that has offices in Florida. Pereira originally planned on living in the estate before deciding to sell it.

Before its most recent renovations, the mansion’s lengthy list of amenities included: six waterfalls, a $2 million marble staircase, an 18-seat IMAX theater, and a 30-car garage. Leone added that the total cost of building the estate was a whopping $100 million.

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