Donald Trump Places a Big Bet on Online Marketing to Salvage Campaign

noApproximately 71% of people report looking at and paying some attention to billboards on the side of the road, but it’s safe to say that even more people pay attention to online advertising, a fact that Donald Trump’s banking on for his Presidential campaign.

In July alone, the Republican Presidential nominee allocated $8.4 million to a digital marketing company in Texas, according to his latest campaign filing.

“That’s beyond a tremendous amount of money to spend on digital,” Austin Barbour, a Republican fundraiser and political strategist in Mississippi, said in a tweet on Sunday. “Almost hard to figure out how to compute this number.”

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton spent a fraction of that, allocating a reported $132,500 to online marketing in July.

The push for an online presence may be an attempt by Trump to raise money from outside sources. Seeing as his campaign gathered $36.7 million as compared with the $52.3 million that the Clinton campaign did in July, it’s safe to assume.

Trump, after placing $2.1 million of personal funds into his campaign, is looking to close the fundraising gap through various online efforts.

While Trump did pour an excessive amount of cash into his online marketing campaign, he was met with moderate success, raising approximately $12 million.

Unlike Trump, though, online marketing in other industries and nations around the world is simply booming.

Australia’s online advertising market has officially set the record for fastest year-on-year growth in five years, already reaching $6.8 billion for the 2016 financial year.

Double-digit growth was recorded in every segment, including a 43.3% increase in display, making up $2.5 billion of market spending.

This year’s data represents a 29.7% increase in year-on-year growth, shattering the previous five years’ records.

According to the latest spending forecasts, Australia’s total amount spent on media and other devices is set to exceed $14 billion by the end of 2016.

Countless people use the Internet every day to search for events, purchase products, and complete other tasks, which makes online marketing a very profitable field, regardless.

“Every day millions of Americans use the Internet to get their news, be entertained, and connect with people,” said Brad Parscale, a co-founder of Giles-Parscale. “It is the perfect medium to help Donald Trump.”

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