Bugs Are Heading For Our Desserts… On Purpose?

Bugs are often a major nuisance for homeowners, but that might change in the near future.

As of 2016, revenues from pest control services in the U.S. reached $12.29 billion and it looks like that trend will continue throughout 2017. But not all of these pest control jobs are going to involve complete extermination, however, as we could soon see more insects being used for some unconventional methods.

Currently, according to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member organizations, vanilla remains the most popular ice cream flavor among consumers at 28%, but that could soon change as well.

Bugs could soon top our favorite delicious desserts.

“[Bugs are] a sustainable protein for the future,” said Laura O’Neill, co-founder of Van Leeuwan Artisan Ice Cream, which offers free frozen desserts at random New York City ice cream truck locations.

There is one catch — the ice cream is free of charge only if you agree to enjoy the ice cream with bugs as the primary topping.

“So good and crunchy!” added Lanna Leite, a 28-year-old Hunter College student who gave it a try. “I want more bugs now but I am afraid to ask.”

According to the New York Post, patrons of these eccentric ice cream shops can choose between chocolate, meal worms, unsalted crickets, and much more.

“I don’t have a sweet tooth and I would choose crickets over chocolate chips any day,” said Leite.

This bug-eating trend isn’t just a wacky NYC fad, as restaurant goers in Japan are enjoying cricket soups, noodles with grasshoppers, and silkworm powder.

“It’s deep-fried, so it’s really crispy, and it doesn’t have a bad taste,” said another college student, 22-year-old Anri Nakatani, referring to the popular insect tsukemen noodle bowl in Tokyo. “It’s almost like a deep-fried shrimp.”

Ramen Nagi, the Tokyo-based restaurant set aside 100 bowls of the insect-ridden noodle bowl for its single-day event and immediately sold out of the newfound delicacy.

“Insects are healthier than meat,” added Timo Blake, an ice cream/bug salesman.

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