Ashton Kutcher Raised the Bar for Mother’s Day Gifts This Year, Surprising His Mom With a Renovated House

View on the interior in skyscraper
The average Mother’s Day is filled with things like flowers, brunches (with bottomless mimosas, of course) and fun family activities.


But Ashton Kutcher, former star of That 70s Show and MTV’s Punk’d, and current star of CBS’s Two and a Half Men, decided that his mother wouldn’t have an ordinary Mother’s Day.

Instead, Kutcher thanked his mom, Diane, by renovating their family home in Homestead, Iowa.

Back when Kutcher was 13, he helped his stepfather, Mark, build the house from scratch — something which, according to a 2013 Houzz survey, only 10% of consumers choose to do, as opposed to purchasing a home and renovating it. Consider adding some new additions to your bathroom, too!

This time around, Kutcher actually teamed up with Houzz to surprise his mom with a newly-renovated basement in their home. As Houzz explains, the basement had been the family’s main living space, but it was missing a few important things: the bedroom had no windows, there was unfinished storage space, and the main part of the room was filled with a collection of exercise equipment together with old recliners and antiques.

The space certainly was cozy, but it isn’t hard to imagine why Kutcher wouldn’t have been too excited to stay in the family basement when he visited home.

So, for a Mother’s Day surprise present, he flew Diane to his own house in L.A. where she visited with Mila Kunis, Kutcher’s wife, and Wyatt, their new son. In the meantime, Kutcher found a local interior designer to help create a new basement that would be an inviting family gathering spot.

The 27-day project was completed quickly, considering that the interior design was only a small part of the project. Together with construction teams (and with Houzz cameramen recording the whole thing), Kutcher gutted the basement, rerouted the ductwork, and installed brand new windows.

By the time the project was finished, he had given his mother and stepfather a basement that’s truly worthy of an L.A. mansion, complete with framed sports jerseys, white leather furniture, and a cozy fireplace.

“There are a lot of reasons to go home and do something special like this,” Kutcher said. “But really, at the end of the day, it’s my way of saying thank you to my mom. My mom’s been the greatest influence in my life. And anything I can do to say thank you is the right thing to do.”

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