Argentinian Woman Finds Out She Was Adopted Through a Facebook Post


While over 90% of adopted children over the age of five have positive feelings about their adoption process, one woman wasn’t so lucky.

Silvina Martinez Pintos had to find out via social media the truth about her family history, all thanks to an oversight on a picture posted to Facebook. The Argentinian woman was scrolling her feed when she all of a sudden saw a picture of her mom — seemingly not-at-all pregnant right before her supposed due date.

Even though not many women actually deliver on their due date, Pintos’ mother was as svelte as ever in this shot, which was taken right before she was born. After questioning her mother about her miraculous baby bod, she found out that she was in fact adopted at birth.

However, the discussion did not go as planned, and her family was quite taken off guard when she brought this photo up to them. Pintos explains to the Mirror, “It was very hard to find out the truth, since I always suspected this and they confirmed this to me but without giving me any more details.”

Now, Pintos has gone back to social media to hopefully reconnect with her birth mother. She only knows two things so far: that her birth mother was 16-years-old at the time and the name of the doctor who attended her birth. She explains that she is looking for her birth mother, not to judge her for being a teenage mother, but to understand more about where she came from. Pintos is interested in her biological health history, and if she has any other living family members that would be willing to meet her.

But most of all, she craves the truth.

“My foster mum does not know anything else (or does not want to tell me more), my adoptive father passed away and I want to know what happened: if they abandoned me, if they sold me,” Pintos continues in her post.

“I need to know to be able to continue with my life and close this story that has to do with my identity.”

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