All Tweets Up For Grabs With Twitter’s New Search Engine

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Search engines are one of the most powerful, and most used, tools on the Internet today. Every month, Internet users from around the world perform more than 100 billion search engine inquiries. Now, they will be able to do the same through Twitter.

The social media giant announced earlier this week that it will make all tweets dating back to its 2006 launch available for users to search.

Although Twitter has always kept the tweets sent out by its millions of users, they were only available to search for a few weeks at most before disappearing into cyberspace.

Now, anyone with a Twitter account can search the site for any tweet ever posted on Twitter’s newsfeed. Searching isn’t difficult either. Users can simply type in a username, word or hashtag to find what they are looking for — and there is a whole lot out there to find.

While Twitter is all about breaking news and sharing the most up-to-date information, it is also nice to be able to look back at important events and how they were portrayed by different users through Twitter.

Some of the most significant news stories in the past few years were first announced on Twitter, and it has also acted as an important outlet for protests and revolutions around the world at times when people had no other way to communicate with those outside their country. The new search engine will provide users a way to look into the history of Twitter as a new form of communication and its impact on society.

Reworking its search capabilities wasn’t an easy task, and the new Twitter search engine has been years in the making. Not only did Twitter have to build new systems capable of searching through trillions of tweets, but they also had to figure out how to do it in just milliseconds.

Keeping its focus on providing users with breaking news, Twitters search tool will pull up more recent tweets first, but every last tweet out there will be available for users to search.

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