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  • How Solar Power is Shining Light on the Navajo Nation

    Imagine life without your precious smartphone. No text messaging, no Instagram, no Candy Crush. Scary, isn’t it? Now imagine living without electricity or refrigeration. While it may seem difficult to imagine, it’s a harsh reality for many people in the modern world, even in the United States. For many Native Americans living on tribal reservations, […]

  • Obama Promotes Solar Power as Way to Compete in Global Economy

    It’s estimated that there are now close to 143,000 solar workers in the United States, a nearly 20% increase over employment totals from 2012. Now, thanks to President Obama, there may be even more. Further promoting the idea of solar energy, President Obama said in a speech last Friday that the nation must unite in […]

  • Solar Power Industry Holds Strong Despite Falling Oil Prices

    Despite falling oil prices, industry analysts say renewable solar power faces no real threat of demise, according to CNBC. Although solar power stocks have dropped over the last couple of months, and oil prices have done the same, solar and oil cater to two very different audiences. For the most part, they also serve very […]