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  • Viral Wedding Photo Highlights South Korean MERS Scare

    June is typically the most popular month for weddings to take place, with about 15% of couples choosing to tie the knot during this month. It’s no wonder that so many couples are willing to pay a little more, and choose a style more on the eclectic and bizarre side, in order to make their […]

  • Venezuela Introduces Fingerprint Registration System to Help Manage Medicine Shortages

    Previously one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America, modern Venezuela has been ravaged by a severe recession in the wake of its profitable oil boom. One of the most notable consequences of this economic struggle has been seen in the nation’s healthcare industry, which has been rocked by medication shortages and hospital closures. Now, […]

  • E-Cigs Contain 10 Times the Formaldehyde of Tobacco Cigarettes? Not So, Says E-Cig Advocacy Group

    Touted as a safer alternative to smoking, using an electronic cigarette — a practice known as vaping — has come under fire from politicians looking to ban the device’s use in public. Now “e-cigs” are receiving criticism from another source: Japan’s Health Ministry. The Department of Environmental Health-National Institute of Public Health in Japan recently […]

  • New Blood Test Will Help Improve Accuracy of Prostate Cancer Diagnoses

    New Blood Test Will Help Improve Accuracy of Prostate Cancer Diagnoses

    A new blood test with the capability to make prostate cancer diagnoses more accurate was recently introduced, lessening the likelihood of false positives and subsequent unneeded biopsies. According to an August 5 Fox News article, the blood test, called the Prostate Health Index (PHI) test, uses three prostate-specific indicators to make testing for this type […]

  • Gum Disease Linked to Diabetes

    According to Dr. Peter Alldritt, chair of the Oral Health Committee, there’s increasing evidence that shows a two-way relationship between diabetes and gum disease. He explained that poor controlled diabetes increases gum disease’s severity. At the same time, worsening gum disease makes it harder to control blood sugar levels, because it prevents patients from being able to […]